Unconventional Life, Unconventional Family

I'm about to share my most "real" blog post to date. You all know by now that we live an unconventional life, living and traveling in an RV. We also have the most amazing, loving, life changing, unconventional, polyamorous family. This should not be shocking and overwhelming, we are, after all living in 2018. However, I live in a small, southern, conservative, Christian extremist area.... so I understand just how unfortunately shocking this will be.

The stigma and hypersexualization surrounding polyamory is wrong and its dangerous. We live in a world where more than fifty percent of marriage ends in divorce, many of the divorces are the result of an affair. So many people in our communities hide in shame if they are different. Some even position themselves on a pedestal, judging and criticizing anyone different from who they appear to be.... while living out their differences in secret.

What would happen if we learned to stop the gossip and judgement and simply embrace love. I will tell you...... your world will immidiately become better! You will become kinder and more positive. You will see things in a completely different light. If you feel the urge to preach in the comments of this post, or if this post incites anger, rage, and self righteousness in your heart.... I would urge you to search your heart. Is that who you really want to be? Who you have learned to be? Think about the secrets you hide, and the shame you feel when you dont live up to the unrealistic expectations placed on you by society, religion, and yourself. And then look in the mirror, start your sermon there.

While we have begun to embrace all types of love, religion, lifestyles, and human beings we have also unburdened ourselves from those unrealistic expectations. We live a life of happiness and freedom. We are not bound by money or other people.

I will share something else with you that many of you may not realize..... we are a six figure earning household, and we have been for many years. Rather than use that income to continue to outshine others, we took a step back and looked at our hearts. We have discovered what really matters to us. Things like living small, giving back, ridding ourselves of debt, and having experiences over stuff now take priority in our lives. We have paid off our truck, personal loans, and much of our credit debt.

Embracing love helped us embrace freedom. Our family is full of love and we have never been happier. This isnt new.... its just the first time I have publicly shared it. Im crazy happy and crazy in love..... my love multiplies!

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About Me

Hi guys! I'm Jenn, welcome to my page and my adventures! I have spent the majority of my adult life chasing the American dream, and I'm over it. I'm trading my comfortable suburban life and 2200 sq ft home, for a 400 sq ft RV and a life full of adventure. My family and I have decided to choose experiences over things. We are ridding our lives of excess, learning to live small, travel, and make the most of every single day. This has always been our dream, but we kept waiting. We were waiting for the kids to grow up, for our mortgage to be paid off, for early retirement..... we have been waiting rather than living. My husband is now dealing with unexpected and seemingly unmanageable health issues. We have realized that time and health are both very precious. We don't want to waste any of the time or good health that we have right now just waiting. I plan to share my journey with all of you, in hopes of encouraging and inspiring you to chase your dreams too! 


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