Live Authentically. 5 Ways to Start.....

When I began to embrace myself exactly as I am, rather than who I wanted other people to think I am, I discovered freedom! I discovered something pretty amazing too, people actually like the REAL me! They like the real me so much more than anyone ever liked the person I pretended to be. When we live authentically, we make other people comfortable enough to do the same. Authenticity changes the world! 

1- Own It! 

Own your stories, all of them. Own up to your mistakes, your embarrassing moments, your triumphs, own every win and loss in your life. When you start owning and sharing your stories, you take your power back and the journey of authenticity really begins. 

2- Let Go of Toxic People 

This can be difficult but it's absolutely necessary in order to live an authentic life. Toxic people bring toxic energy and that will weigh you down. If you're not careful, you can become more like them and less like your true self. 

3- Say No

There is just as much power in the things we say no to, as there is in the things we say yes to! It's difficult to live an authentic life when you're people pleasing. Start doing more of the things that bring you joy and peace, and less of the things that bring you stress and chaos. You are important, so start saying yes to your needs. 

4- Lose the Filter

People love you just the way you are. Share an unfiltered photo today and see how that feels. Tell someone exactly how you're feeling on a bad day and on a good day. You're allowed to feel pride for a job well done. You're also allowed to feel defeated and angry when life gets tough. You don't have to paint a pretty picture of your life or your feelings in order to be loved and valued. Your people love you just as you are, and those who don't, aren't meant for you. 

5- Start Journaling

Take some time to get to know yourself again. A great way to do that is by journaling, and you can be 100% authentic in your journal! Write down the dreams you have for  your life and reread them on difficult days, they'll remind you that you have so much to look forward to.Write down your sorrows on tough days and reread them on great days to reflect on how you overcame huge obstacles. Write down the things you're grateful for and the things you would like to change. Start today, and get to know you a little better. 

I hope these ideas are just a starting place for you! Sometimes taking the first step is the hardest and the scariest, but then it becomes exciting and rewarding! Let the world see YOU today. You're perfect. 

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About Me

Hi guys! I'm Jenn, welcome to my page and my adventures! I have spent the majority of my adult life chasing the American dream, and I'm over it. I'm trading my comfortable suburban life and 2200 sq ft home, for a 400 sq ft RV and a life full of adventure. My family and I have decided to choose experiences over things. We are ridding our lives of excess, learning to live small, travel, and make the most of every single day. This has always been our dream, but we kept waiting. We were waiting for the kids to grow up, for our mortgage to be paid off, for early retirement..... we have been waiting rather than living. My husband is now dealing with unexpected and seemingly unmanageable health issues. We have realized that time and health are both very precious. We don't want to waste any of the time or good health that we have right now just waiting. I plan to share my journey with all of you, in hopes of encouraging and inspiring you to chase your dreams too! 


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