Mental Health and Love

Everyone's talking about love today.... so naturally I wanna talk about mental illness  I have borderline personality disorder, and I have no shame about that. Mental illness is like any other illness, in that.... you can't help it. You can only treat it. You wouldn't be ashamed of having cancer. You shouldn't be ashamed of having a mental illness. Okay, mental illness and love...... borderlines love so strongly! We are exceptionally resilient, deeply empathetic, and perceptive. We channel our pain into art, and we see beauty in everything! I think I look for the magic in everything. Princess Diana was a positive example of borderline personality disorder. When we're hurt though.... we feel the pain so intensely that it's almost unbearable. Something that eventually happens to me (and many others with bpd) is a complete disconnect from the person or experience causing the pain. Maybe it's a coping mechanism.... but it feels like a light switch for me. My whole world is lit up with love, and them bam! I feel absolutely nothing. I think it's a blessing and a curse. The opposite of love for me isn't hate. It's nothing. It's complete and total indifference. I'm not actually heartless, I just lose all ability to care after I'm hurt very badly. I'm thankful for that quality sometimes. I think it's part of the reason I'm so resilient. Love is magical, mystical, and worth celebrating everyday! I love big... I mean hello... I'm polyamorous lol! But the loss of love can be painful and crushing. Today I almost feel lucky to sit in a place of total indifference over lost love, but it took some time before the light switch flipped off for me. For those of you who are hurting today.... I see you. You might not have the same light switch effect that I have, but it won't always hurt so bad. I hope you're strong enough to love again. It's worth it! Love is everything, and it always wins.   

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About Me

Hi guys! I'm Jenn, welcome to my page and my adventures! I have spent the majority of my adult life chasing the American dream, and I'm over it. I'm trading my comfortable suburban life and 2200 sq ft home, for a 400 sq ft RV and a life full of adventure. My family and I have decided to choose experiences over things. We are ridding our lives of excess, learning to live small, travel, and make the most of every single day. This has always been our dream, but we kept waiting. We were waiting for the kids to grow up, for our mortgage to be paid off, for early retirement..... we have been waiting rather than living. My husband is now dealing with unexpected and seemingly unmanageable health issues. We have realized that time and health are both very precious. We don't want to waste any of the time or good health that we have right now just waiting. I plan to share my journey with all of you, in hopes of encouraging and inspiring you to chase your dreams too! 


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